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Oct. 21st, 2004 08:26 am

yay for it only being like 11 days until MMHMM comes out, sweetness.  Anyways school yesterday was soooooo short, it was awesome.  Sorry I missed the human services meeting Aimee, I had to go home after first block.  I so can't wait until saturday, yay for probably going to the movies with Derek and co.  So can't wait.  And we have no school tomorrow, yay.  So I was talking to Dave last night on MSN, and he was like ya, I figure were gonna have to be really good friends because in a year or so, Dereks not going to want to do anything with me (Dave) unless your there, I was like yay, for someone having a crush on me, I wish he would justy tell me, its crazy hearing  everything from Dave and Jon.  Oh man Jenn, Im so nervous about that new song we have to play on friday, Megan and Becky know it lots but i don't.  How does the bridge go again?  Anyways, got to go, love ya, Bye

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Sep. 14th, 2004 06:38 pm

WE WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Team Canada!!!!

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Jul. 29th, 2004 11:36 am Wow, random updating

Wow, when was the last time i talked on this, well, the only person that willl actually read this is probably Anna and since she covered pretty much the last two weeks of my life in her live journal, well if your not Anna then check her live journal out, hers is annafofanna.  some additions to hers, Harley got put down the day before creation fest.  Derek called my elephant toes sexy.  He said that Jenn, him and i were going to be famous together one day.  I ditched Anna on the way back from creation fest. sorry, i love you!  Anna, Anne and Jenn took me to red robins for dinner on the 26th for my sweet sixteen, i haven't gotten my lisence yet but soon, we all,slept at my house, fell asleep during Emma, the movie, sorry Anne, it was too tame.  Then the next day went to Jenn's, ate meatloaf, YUK!  That's a first in a very long time.  Then we watched a movie, ate popcorn, went skinny dipping, had a massive heart to  heart, had a mass shower in our bathing suits, watched harry potter 2 and fell asleep like 15minutes into the movie, then we woke up and ate chcolate fondue sauce for breakfast went on the raft into the middle of the lake, yes, in our bathing suits, then ate grilled cheese sandwiches with salsa, my new favorite, and lemonade punch, really good, then Jenn gave me 2 shorts and a shirt, then her mom drove us home, i got lectured, it was inevitably going to happen, then i went to grama's and came home to catch up more than 10 days (10 pages) of writing in my journal, i slept, woke up, wrote more, my wrist hurts so i couldn't finnish writing, so i decided to type, i got a new email address, it's lilwiggs_canada@hotmail.com so update your address books please.  THat's also my msn, so if you don't have me, add me. this morning for breakfast i am eatting grilled cheese sandwich with salsa and i totally can't wait for Jr.Coed, it's going to be so much fun, i can't wait.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! See ya, -Caity

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Current Music: addoration - newsboys (awesome in concert)

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Jul. 16th, 2004 10:14 pm Wow some catching up!!

so... i just got back from a week in Kelowna with the family, It was interesting, we went go carting, watersliding, sun baking, shopping, paddleboating, duck catching, we went to the Vancouver zoo and parite island(bird sactuary) and lots of other interesting stuff. FOUR MORE DAYS UNTIL CREATION FEST YAY. Really excited. at the water slides on one of the slides i plugged my nose too tightly because i forgot that it was pierced and the stud went half way into the hole, i had to push it out from the inside. It hurt. I hgot a spider bite, about a billion mosquito bites and a chunk out of my toe missing. Christina sent me a postcard from iowa, but she is home now, but everyone already knows that. I miss her alot. Tonight i am babysitting two little girls and their dog. Heather bought a dog, its a minature pinser. Like an eleven inch tall doberman. its only 3 weeks old so we don't have it yet but she payed a bunch of money for it already. I have no clue what is happening for rides to youthquake. Anyways g2g, adios, -caity

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Jul. 3rd, 2004 11:03 pm random randomness

hey everyone. I had a total emotional breakdown today. I was all alone and it finally hit me that i will probably never see christina again. Mom came home and said that if Christina doesn't get to visit next summer than i can maybe stay with her for a couple weeks after our trip to Mexico. If it's okay with Christina's parents. I read almost all of my book taday. I couldn't stop reading it.

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Jul. 1st, 2004 03:00 pm Hey Wow That was a long brake

Okay, so i haven't writen in here for a long time so here is some random catching up. On Sunday, Anna Jenn and I slept at Jenn's to get ready for the surprise party on Monday. Christina was so surprised it was fun. We took the buss in togas. Anna, Jenn and I got whistled at while waiting for the buss, when we were in togas in Langford, when Jenn and I were walking to Anna's Dad's house and When I was walking to Derek's. On Monday, Jenn, Derek, Russell and I walked to Judge Place then Jenn and I continued on to Reynolds. Then we bussed home and i got my nose peirced. The guy that was piercing my nose was like, okay, now, go into your happy place so it doesn't hurt. So i was like well, walking home with jenn and the guys was pretty fun, so i thought abotuthat and it didn't hurt at all. we had a band party on wednesday. I was suppost to meet Jenn but Jenn was late meeting me at the buss stop so i left without her. I got totally lost, ended up taking a ride from an old lady from Church. Jenn actually beat me to Dereks. The party was fun, we played Trans america and taboo, during taboo it was guys against girls. It was okay because it was only Derek, Dave and Russell against Jenn and I. The Guys won. We were outnumbered. Dave and Derek had to go to Dave's cabin. Good luck to Derek with getting over his greatest fear this week. Russell had to go to Lacrosse and jenna and I had to go because my family was going to the box stores in langford so we dropped off Jenn on the way. I got up early this moreing to go down town with Hannah and Gracie. We had pictures taken of us in our Canada Day stuff by tourists. Then Charlotte drove us around town looking at the orcas. We got icecream and weel now ima t home. Fun fun. Tonight is the fireworks. Yay!!

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Jun. 15th, 2004 02:43 pm Hey, some Random catching up!

Hey whats up?  Camp was so much fun.  Poor Derek.  I hope he is feeling better.  He is such a baby.  Anyways, I can't wait until next Wednesday !!! No more school.  So anyways, how is everyones studying going.  I probably will not study at all.  Oh well, Im going to miss Jenn at Band tonight.  But i can't wait to go.    Anyways, Got to go.  Adios and God bless.

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Current Music: sadie hawkins dance, in my khaki pants

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Jun. 3rd, 2004 10:27 pm Hey!!

Hey my hommies. I get my pictures next wednesday. but im going to call walmart to see if they got them done early. In time for band. Derek wants to see them, he asked me about them on tuesday. On friday i probably will not go to the church before youthgroup. The feild is accross the street and i am lazy. I am bringing two people probably. Anyways. I have to read a book tho the kindergardeners tomorrow so i must get to sleep. I love you all. Peace out! God bless.

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Current Music: Very sleepy...... the rythmic sound of my breathing

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May. 31st, 2004 11:25 am UMMMMMMMMMMMMM lunch

Today is my first day of preschool, its fun.  I get to play with kids all day.  My step godbrother Josh was in the morning class.  Camping on the weekend was so much fun, it rained but it was great.  That picture of me almost asleep on Derek is going to be so cute.  I am going to bring my camera to band to use up the last couple pictures.  Jenn, remember that we are going bowling not this week but next week.  I have to call the bowling alley.  I'm going to do that now.  Adios

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May. 28th, 2004 08:29 am YAY!!!

I so can't wait until camp, its going to be so much fun, only like 10 hhours to go. Unfortunatly half of that time is waisted in school. Today is the scvhool elections. I don't know who im going to vote for. I got The Mark (Lerft Behind book 8) from the library yesterday. Big mistake. Im going to be reading all weekend. Maybe i shouldn't bring my book. I guess I could do that. I really hope it stopes rainning. Because it would suck to have to learn to water ski in the rain. Anyways, I am not allowed to go shopping with Anna today after school, I have to do my homework and make cheerios krispies and pack my stuff. Sorry! Anyways g2g to wood. Adios & God bless

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